Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hot Promo Action/ Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery are an up and coming NYC indie pop/rock group. They sent me an e-promo and when I read lead singer and guitarist Jeremy Coleman's descriptions of the songs I knew I had to give them a listen...

I Am If You Are "sounds to me like an unlikely collaboration between Stereolab and Madonna, layering pulsing synths, shimmering guitars and dancey percussions on a foundation of pop songwriting to create what is scientifically referred to as a “Summer Jam.” It features his sister Laura on vocals - she's the drummer too - and it is a lovely slice of shimmery electro pop.

Change My Mind "combines the instantly accessible song craft of the Cure and Belle & Sebastian with the warm, bouncy synths of Aphex Twin’s Ambient Works." This tune ditches the electro beats for real drums, and is a nice summery indie pop track.

For more check out Murder Mystery and MySpace

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Mbop Megashop said...

These are ace, thanks for the tip!