Friday, October 24, 2008

Funky Friday Bonus Tracks

EMI sent me the new Lily Allen song - it is a poor quality rip, but gives you an idea where she is at. DFA Records brings you Runaway, and they bring you some deep, tasty dance floor grooves. Windsurf remind me of Ultramarine - a lovely bit of electronica witn jangly guitars and squiggly synths. The Faze Action is a disco classic, with this version upping the groove factor. Huge. Poni Hoax' bass will shred your speakers. I was a bit unsure about Ladyhawke at first, but now I am a confirmed fan - Dusk Till Dawn is a big reason why. Treasure Fingers + Chromeo = slick '80s electro a-la D-Train. Kleerup features Neneh Cherry and a kid choir, and they manage to transcend having a kids choir with a nice and dreamy tune. Mr.Chop delivers the jazz-noir hip hop vibe and it is good.

Lily Allen - Everyone's At It
Runaway - Red Hot
Runaway - Putting In The Overtime
Faze Action - Moving Cities (Alternative Version)
Windsurf - Pocket Check
Poni Hoax - Hypercommunication (Joakim's Cartoon Muscles Mix)
Ladyhawke - Dusk Till Dawn
Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)
Kleerup - Forever feat. Neneh Cherry
Mr.Chop - the Red Baron

Funky Friday Election Special #2

Obama vs. Ratatat - Obamatat (We Can Not Walk Alone) (Justin Lowe mashup)
Daft Punk vs. Adam Freeland - AerObama
DJ Z-Trip - Obama Outake 1 (snippet)
The Alan Cohen Experience - Obama
MC Yogi - Vote For Hope
The Hush Sound - We Believe In (Barack Obama)
Jay-Z - Lick A Shot For Obama
John Brown - Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Some Pipe)
DLake - I'ma Vote Obama Way (Tisa remix)
The Crystal Method - Now Is The Time (Vote '08 remix)
Kennedy - Who's Votin' Obama?
Z-Trip - Yes We Can (Obama Outake 1)

Download this mix here or here.

I am a Durannie. John Taylor is a Barack fan - check this video out.

Thanks to XO

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Into Infinity

Got a little web surfing time on your hands? Enjoy music and art? Enjoy making music and art? Then check this bit of coolness out...

INTO INFINITY is an art and music exhibition presented by DUBLAB and Creative Commons. It is built on audio loops and circular canvases that are available online to the public for sharing, remixing, and resubmission. Stay tuned for live exhibition dates and website developments.
We distributed white 12-inch paper circles to our community of inspired artists to fill with vibrant visions. These infinite loops are designed to shine and blow minds.
We asked our music-minded friends to create 8-second audio loops filled with any sound texture they desired. These infinite loops are designed to expand in open ears.

All of the works that comprise INTO INFINITY are available to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial copyright license. This means that you are free to share them and remix them for any noncommercial purpose you wish. We can't wait to see what you do with these infinite loops!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Straight Outta My Inbox

As a blogger I get mp3s e-mailed to me all the time. This week I got a bunch of stuff that I actually got a chance to listen to, and more importantly, liked. Old timer Tom Jones has been given a bit of the Winehouse treatment on his new record and is taking it back to the old school. 2 Hot 2 Sweat are a boy/girl synth-rock duo who deliver a snotty, scuzzy robot rocker - fabulous. Shrag deliver a snotty, scuzzy punk rocker tune with fuzzed out bass and nice shouty vocals. DFA Records brings you Runaway's Dead Dog Farm, a cool bit of art-pop that reminds me of Arthur Russell - moody, string driven sort-of-pop with a hint of ambience. The Muldoons deliver a buzzing slab of rock for fans of '60s garage and classic rock. Shane Muldoon (11) and his older brother Hunter Muldoon (14) write, sing and play guitar. Their dad Brian Muldoon plays the drums. Brian used to play in The Upholsterers with Jack White. Ben Sollee's Only A Song features Jim James from My Morning Jacket on backing vocals and is a mellow bit of country-ish folk.

Tom Jones - If He Should Ever Leave You
2 Hot 2 Sweat - Half-Assed Rom Com
Shrag - Long Term Monster
Runaway - Dead Dog Farm
The Muldoons - Invincible
Ben Sollee - Only A Song

Friday, October 17, 2008

Funky Friday Election Special

DJ Z-Trip and artist Shepard Fairey recently threw some fundraisers for Barack Obama's campaign, calling them "The Party for Change". Z-Trip dee-jayed and says "I've been wanting to put the mix I've been doing at these shows online, in hopes of spreading the word to people who need to hear it most." It is a very diverse set of tunes, all politically inspired. There are also snippets of Obama's speeches mixed in. If you are hating on Barack, this is definitely not for you. Z-Trip is giving away the mix over at Here are the deets..

I encourage you to download it and pass it along to anyone you think should hear it. Feel free to burn copies, share it with friends, family, co-workers, strangers, and especially anyone you know is on the fence about this election. I'm also putting out a radio friendly version, in case anyone wants to broadcast it.

Please share the message. Educate those who may not know what is really going on. There is still time.

If you, or anyone you know, isn't registered to vote, I encourage you to make it a priority and fix that before it's too late. This election is WAY too important for anyone to not get involved. If you need more information on how and where to register, vote, or participate, please check the links below.

I honestly feel if we make our voices heard, this time WILL be different.


For more Information, check out these links:
The Official Obama Campaign Site - Political Action Group -
Rock the Vote -
Z-Trip News, Downloads, More -

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Time for another installment of crushes. I heart these songs and their albums a lot. The Bomb The Bass record Future Chaos has lodged itself firmly in the disc player. Black River is fortunate to feature the velvety smooth croon of Mark Lanegan, a man who could sing the phone book and make it sound gorgeously dark and moody. Tim Simenon constructs a great backing track, all clicks and whirrs and humming backing vocal riffs.
Land Of Talk are Canuck friends of Broken Social Scene (who they're touring with right now). Their new album Some Are Lakes is very good indie rock. Singer Elizabeth Powell is reminiscent of Metric's Emily Haines, but the music is grittier, less new wave and less polished than Metric.
Kaiser Chiefs have enlisted Mark Ronson to produce Off With Their Heads and I like it. It helps that they've got a bunch of super catchy songs like Good Days Bad Days, and Ronson doesn't muck up their sound too much - a dab of funkiness here and there but still very Kaiser Chiefs.
Poni Hoax are my Roxy Music for this new millennium. Their album Images Of Sigrid will be in my top ten of the year for sure. Produced by Joakim, it is equal parts rock, dance and electronics with more than a hint of original new wave and post-punk flavor. These Frenchmen deserve to be heard by a much wider audience. The Bird Is On Fire rides a taut beat and bumping bass line, features some nice skronky sax and scratchy guitars and gets me moving every time. Delicious.
Dungen are Swedish, and they deliver an intoxicating blend of psychedelic rock, folk, prog, classic and indie rock on their new album 4. Main man Gustav Ejstes writes and plays virtually everything you hear, and it is as if he stepped out of the late '60s/early '70s. It is as authentic as anything from that era, and is expertly played and produced. I don't have a clue what he is singing about but with music this good who cares?

Bomb The Bass - Black River (feat. Mark Lanegan)
Land Of Talk - Give Me Back My Heart Attack
Kaiser Chiefs - Good Days Bad Days
Poni Hoax - The Bird Is On Fire
Dungen - Det Tar Tid

(Orange Crush image provided by Darren Beckett of Threemagination, Inc.)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

New Music Tuesday

I've hyped Kelpe in the past here at SIART - I'm a a big fan of his take on electronic music and have been rocking his album Ex-Aquarium all year. This week sees the release of a 12" vinyl and digital only EP called Extra-Aquarium which is a bunch of remixes from the album. Remixers include Zombie-Zombie, label mates The Oscillation and Kelpe himself. The vinyl has 4 tracks and the download has 8 - if you buy the vinyl you also get the download version. Kel sent me a track to share so enjoy the dreamy, clicky Colours Don't Leak as remixed by The Boats.

Kelpe - Colours Don't Leak (The Boats Remix)

Listen to more samples + buy here.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Funky Friday Playlist

It's a nice and eclectic mix of tunes today - David Axelrod delivers the killer jazz/funk/fusion on Miles Away, taken from the Dusty Groove reissue of his 1975 LP Seriously Deep. Bomb the Bass have finally released a new album Future Chaos, with guest vocals from Mark Lanegan, Fujiya & Miyagi, Jon Spencer and Toob, who also contributes a remix. Is a new Q-Tip record ever going to come out? I need to hear more goodness like Gettin' Up, so please, record company, get your shit together! Nigeria 70 - Lagos Jump is a Strut Records comp of "original heavyweight Afrobeat Highlife & Afro Funk" and is so tasty you get two selections, from Peter King and Ify Jerry Krusade. Madlib the Beat Konducta delivers the chilled r'n'b vibe with Frezna, taken from WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip. Fujiya & Miyagi are goofy yet never fail to get me grooving - love the little vocal "boom shaka laka boom" things on this track. The Emperor Machine rock the soundtrack motorik vibe with crusty synths. DJ Krush is class of '94 abstract, and is guaranteed to get your head nodding. David Bowie's Fashion is a classic, and just about the greatest thing ever - big disco beats, funktastic bass and that screaming guitar kill me every time. You have your beats, now move your feets!

David Axelrod - Miles Away
Bomb The Bass - Burn The Bunker (Toob's Whatgoesonoinhemsbystaysinhemsby Mix)
Q-Tip - Gettin' Up
Peter King - African Dialects
Ify Jerry Krusade - Everybody Likes Something Good
Frezna - Yo Yo Affair Pts. 1 & 2
Fujiya & Miyagi - Pussyfooting
The Emperor Machine - What's In The Box
DJ Krush - Yeah
David Bowie - Fashion