Monday, August 31, 2009


Just a reminder to everyone who checks out SIART on a regular basis - you can listen to SIART on Blogdrop tonight on WVUM. If you live in Miami tune in on 90.5 FM on tonight from 7 to 9PM, or you can stream it live on the interwebs @ You'll hear an interview with yours truly and 2 hours of quality tunes that have been featured on SIART over the last few months.

To everyone in in the central timezone the time to tune in is 6 to 8 PM

Hope you enjoy it...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Funky Friday - Steely Dan Edition

Yesterday was my 15th wedding anniversary. As a present to ourselves my wife and I are going to Chicago for the weekend. Tomorrow night is dinner @ Blackbird. There is a Calder exhibit to see. There are a couple of Rick Bayless restaurants to consider. And to top it all off, on Monday night we are seeing Steely Dan live at the Chicago Theater. They are playing "Aja" in it's entirety, followed by a set of greatest hits. To say I'm psyched is to put it mildly. It is one of the first albums I bought with my own $ back in the day - Herbergers in Rice lake WI, yo! I love it dearly and can't wait to hear it played out. A kid free (I'll miss 'em a bit...) weekend in the big city doing grown up stuff? Priceless.

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne
Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters
Steely Dan - I Got The News
Steely Dan - The Fez
DJ Ransom - Peg (Edit)

Blogdrop Radio!

Blogdrop is a weekly program that broadcasts on Monday nights on WVUM, the radio station operated by the students of the University of Miami, FL. It is, as it's title might imply, all about the music blogosphere - every week they feature a different music blog. This week I was contacted by Andrea, the host of Blogdrop, who informed me that SIART is next week's featured blog. I taped a brief interview yesterday, and the music play list will be made up of songs I have posted over the last few months. Super fun!

If you live in the Miami area be sure to tune in to 90.5 FM on Monday night from 7 to 9PM, or you can stream it live on the interwebs @ To all of my peeps in the central timezone the time to tune in is 6 to 8 PM, Monday, August 31st.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


"I need her more than I need air..."

Today my wife and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary...

Happy Anniversary Babe!

The House Of Love - Destroy The Heart

Destroy the heart she said
It'll make you want to smash your head
Destroy the heart she said
But I need her more than
I need air.

Destroy the heart she said
You will suffer and be scared
Worry, sweat and never care
But I need her more than
I need air
But I need her more than
I need air.

Baby said I was never fun
Above the waist, completely dumb
Baby said I should make a life
Something solid and I should suffer
Baby said I had more to say
Than the usual boys who were really pains
Baby said I had so much more
But that she could not do
Any more for me.

Destroy the Heart she said
Pretty soon we will be quite dead
She wanted freedom not a shackled man
But I need her more than
I need air
But I need her more than
I need air
I need her more than
Life itself.



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Music Tuesday

Vowels - On Up!
The Pattern Prism
Tasty electronic flavored post rock.

Loud Pipes - Jumping Jellyfish
Dub into dubstep.

Led Bib - Sweet Chilli
Sensible Shoes
British jazz quintet with a whole new take on things.

They Might Be Giants - I Am A Paleontologist
Here Comes Science
New TMBG for kids and grown ups too.

Monday, August 24, 2009



Aussie Tim Shiel is Faux Pas. The Melbourne native is the creator of excellent, dreamy electro pop. I have blogged a few of his tunes this year - I really like his style and sound. He has compiled a most delicious mixtape for your audio pleasure. It includes some current stuff and some vintage classics from the '80s - Zoolook! Kraftwerk! - so you know it is all good. The inspiration for the mix stems from his current obsession with those sweet '80s remixes by Shep Pettibone and Arthur Baker and Razormaid. He even included a song I posted a couple of weeks ago - Electronic's Getting Away With It. Enjoy!

arp - st tropez
elegi - despotiets vesen
dam-funk - galactic fun
ka so re - shoes (eero johannes remix)
jason forrest - evil doesn't exist anymore
aoi - floral foam
megastick fanfare - june stranglets (seekae remix)
the avalanches - since i left you (cornelius remix)
charles spearin - mrs morris
basement jaxx - raindrops (joker & ginz remix)
hudson mohawke - overnight
daedelus - lights out
chuncha via circuito - prima
jean michel jarre - zoolook
kraftwerk - tour de france
mount kimbie - vertical
eero johannes - finnrexin
rustie - tempered
qua - ritmo giallo
gershon kingsley - popcorn
moonbeam - slow heart
oh astro - candy sun smiles
electronic - getting away with it
jackson - teen beat ocean
isolee - enrico
the soft pink truth - promofunk
bogdan irkuk - space reflecting on the bosphorous


And in further antipodean related news... SIART has once again placed in the top 25 Australian music blogs as compiled by Aussie blog SIART comes in at #5!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Perfect Skin

I choose my friends only far too well,
I'm up on the pavement, they're all down in the cellar.
With their government grants and my i.q.
They brought me down to size, academia blues.
Louise is a girl, i know her well,
She's up on the pavement, yes she's a weather girl.
And i'm staying up here so i may be undone.
She's inappropriate, but then she's much more fun and
When she smiles my way,
My eyes go out in vain,
She's got perfect skin.
Shame on you, you've got no sense of grace, shame on me,
Ah just in case i might come to a conclusion
Other than that which is absolutely necessary,
And that's perfect skin.
Louise is the girl with the perfect skin,
She says turn on the light, otherwise it can't be seen.
She's got cheekbones like geometry and eyes like sin,
And she's sexually enlightened by Cosmopolitan and
When she smiles my way,
My eyes go out in vain,
For her perfect skin.
Yeah that's perfect skin.
She takes me down to the basement to look at her slides,
Of her family life, pretty weird at times.
At the age of ten she looked like Greta Garbo
And i loved her then, but how was she to know that
When she smiles my way,
My eyes go out in vain,
She's got perfect skin.
Up eight flights of stairs to her basement flat,
Pretty confused huh, being shipped around like that.
Seems we climbed so high now we're down so low,
Strikes me the moral of this song must be there never has been one.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Apples In Stereo - The Bird You Can't See

The Apples In Stereo will release their first ever best of collection on September 1st on Yep Roc Records. It is called #1 Hits Explosion (pre-order HERE) and all of the tracks have been digitally remastered. One of the original bands on the legendary psych pop Elephant Six Recording Co., these guys are masters of retro-futuristic indie pop, and have soundtracked a lot of the last 13 or 14 years of my life. My first exposure was 1997's Tone Soul Evolution and I've been hooked ever since. I dig the catchy hooks and fuzzy guitars, and the harmonies are bitchin'. Sure, some of it verges on twee, but we all need a little twee once in a while, right? The band is gearing up to record a new album which should be out sometime in 2010. Today's offering, The Bird You Can't See, originally appeared on 2000's The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Funky Friday

Pocket - Hear In Noiseville (featuring Steve Kilbey)
Alan Wilkis - Pink & Purple (Tuck Digz Remix)
N.A.S.A. - Gifted (Ashton Shuffle Remix)
A Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie
Kila Kela - Everyday (Lifelike Remix)
Pigbag - Sunny Day (12" Version)
Marina & Soko - Mum
Isolee - Albacares
Antikue - Sumble


Dani Deahl's Wonderlust Mix
1. Ninfa: My Baby Left Me (Keith Remix)
2. Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve: Yin
3. Tiga: Shoes (Noob Remix)
4. Microdizko: Miniclub
5. Laidback Luke: Need Your Loving
6. Sydney Samson: Riverside (FnDannyBoy Big Jackin ReRub)
7. Sepalot: Go Get It (AC Slater Remix)
8. Hostage: Pirates
9. Jack Beats: Get Down
10. Dem Slackers: God Is A Slacker (Lee Mortimer Remix)
11. Lenka: Trouble Is A Friend (Nadastrom's Wishful Dub)
12. The Faint: Get Seduced (Hot Pink Delorean & Knowlton Walsh Remix)
13. Yuksek feat. Amanda Blank: Extraball (Duotone Remix)
14. J.M. Sicky & Alexis Dante: It's Alright feat. Eve Menson (Magnetic Remix)
15. 20 Inch: Fuck In Luv feat. Reen (Falko Niestolik & Manuel Baccano Spring Break Remix)
16. Beni: My Love Sees You (Beni's Dub)
17. Deepswing: In The Music (acapella)
18. Techjio: Fine Del Mondo
19. Walter Meego: Through A Keyhole (Le Castle Vania Remix)
20. Stardust vs. Justice: Music Sounds Better With Your Friends (C.I.T.Y. vs. DiscoTech Mash Up)
21. Noisettes: Don't Upset The Rhythm (Kissy Sell Out Vocal Remix)
22. Loose Cannons vs. Lady Gaga: Starstruck (Loose Cannons Bump That Remix)
23. Bart B More: So It Goes
24. La Roux: Bulletproof (Foamo Remix)
25. Jet: She's A Genius (Jaimie Fanatic Remix)

DJ Doc Rok's Deja Vu Mix Vol.2
1. Bobby Byrd – I’m Not To Blame
2. Jay-Z – You Don’t Know
3. Willie Hutch – I Choose You
4. UGK ft. Outkast – Int’l Players Anthem
5. Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine
6. DMX – Ain’t No Sunshine
7. Bobby Bland – Ain’t No Love In The Heart of The City
8. Jay-Z – Heart of the City
9. Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynold – Fallin in Love
10. Drake – Best I Ever Had
11. Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness
12. Digable Planets – Jimi Diggin Cats
13. Will Smith – Summertime
14. Roy Ayers – Feelin Good
15. Mase – Been Around The World (blend)
16. The JB’s – Pass The Peas
17. Eric B & Rakim – I Ain’t No Joke

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Street Corner Symphony

Street Corner Symphony - Street Corner Symphony
The Very Best Of Street Corner Symphony
Buy it!
Glen Gunner's Street Corner Symphony were part of a wave of British house music producers from the early ’90s who were more inspired by New York and its disco past than Chicago house. This ace compilation of early 90s London deep house also includes three previously unreleased tunes, including the mythic original version of Street Corner Symphony.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hot Promo Action

Horse Meat Disco is a British club night started by James Hillard and Jim Stanton. Their first official mix CD comes out today on Strut Records. Horse Meat Disco is a two disc set featuring their DJ mix and then the full length versions of the songs. The label has sent out a tasty half hour promo mix containing a track that appears on the album. Check out the micro-site for another free track...

Horse Meat Disco Promo Mix
Hot Chocolate - Disco Queen
Queen - Dancer
World Premier - Share The Night
Empire Projecting Penny - Freakman
Cerrone - Hooked On You
Charanga 76 - Music Trance
Fonda Rae - Heobha
Melba Moore - Standing Right Here
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Totally Hot But Pretty Awesome

Sinkane - Totally Hot But Pretty Awesome
Sinkane is multi talented instrumentalist Ahmed Gallab. I have already done a couple of posts about this guy. He has been the drummer for SIART faves Caribou, as well as for of Montreal & Born Ruffians. His solo stuff is psychedelic noise rock that ranges from blistering to sublime, a journey full of drones, repetition, and bombastic percussion. I really like it a lot. His latest self titled album came out last month, and the tunes I have posted have been real sonic ragers. Today's tune is one of the quieter moments of blissful space out - OK, so it gets loud towards the end, but the majority of the song is mellow. It might put you in the mind of Pink Floyd. It is delicious.
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