Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Music Tuesday - New Young Pony Club

New Young Pony Club's debut LP Fantstic Playroom hits US stores today. I came across a leak of it three or four months ago and have literally not stopped playing it since. The MO of this British 5 piece is simple - they are post-punk revisionists. They really don't bring anything new and exciting to the table, except for some exceptionally catchy songs. Which is a good thing because it saves the album from being a pointless retread. Elements of your all my fave '80s bands are represented, from the Talking Heads to Gang Of Four to The Cure to the B52s. The band whips up a tasty melange of disco, funk and new wave, much like CSS. Lead singer Tahita Bulmer is a driving force here, with vocals that range from breathy coos to shout-y rage, and there is a certain snottiness to it that I really dig. The sassy and sexy lyrics and sharp, contemporary production have kept me entertained all summer and show no signs of wearing out their welcome. Here are a couple of primo examples of why you should own this record; The Bomb is one of the harder edged tunes, all sharp riffs and sweet "ah-ha-s". Grey is a mellow groover, Cure-ish synth pop with a vintage Peter Hook bass riff and a chorus harmonies that totally remind me of Cindy & Kate from the B52s. Mmm-mmm good.

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