Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My New Favorite Record This Week

Life in SIART's world has been a little topsy turvy for the last week or so which is why there have been no posts. I've been on vacation this week so blogging hasn't been a top priority. Then factor in that my hometown of the last 20 years was hit by a pretty horrific tragedy last week when the I35 freeway bridge over the Mississippi River collapsed. It is a surreal scene, largely because it was a bridge which I (and everyone I know) used many times. My wife drove over it earlier in the week on her way to work. My brother used it to get to his work several times a week. I am amazed (and grateful) that more people weren't killed, especially when you consider the scope of the destruction. Anyway, today is the first time I have had some time and felt like posting, so cop a listen to my new favorite record this week...

The Aliens have indie rock pedigree. Gordon Anderson, John Maclean and Robin Jones were all founder members of The Beta Band, with Anderson leaving before the release of the first EP due to psychosis. He spent the next 8 years in and out of psych wards and undergoing shock therapy. He also released a few solo recordings as Lone Pigeon, lo-fi and full of ideas. The Aliens take flight as a full on psych-pop experience - think The Bees or Super Furry Animals. There are elements of their old band in some of more melancholy of these new songs, but they explore a lot more too. The guys sound like they are having fun traipsing through the best of British psychedelia and pop, from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to The Kinks (with a splash of the Beach Boys). They incorporate a bit of hip hop flavor and a nod to Madchester. There is a clarity to the production, and some of the songs genuinely rock out, none of which could really be said for their old band. There is nothing new or innovative here, but it certainly makes for a great listen. Today's selections are some of the loopier moments. Robot Man has an everything but the kitchen sink over a disco beat approach, and The Happy Song is, well, a happy, strummy song that really rocks.
Robot Man
The Happy Song

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