Monday, January 15, 2007

Lola Rastaquouere

The mid winter lull in musical new releases often finds me stocking up on the back catalogues - the oldies, greatest hits collections and remasters of the classics. The last few weeks has been no exception; recent additions include VU's 2 disc set Gold, the Essential Hall & Oates (an Xmas gift from the wife), Robert Palmer's The Best Of The Island Years, the expanded remaster of Harry Nilsson's Nilsson Schmilsson, and this splendid two disc, expanded remaster of Serge Gainsbourg's Aux Armes Et Cætera.

Originally released in 1979, the recipe is easy, and a good one. Serge takes his debauched act to Jamaica, where he hooks up with one hell of a smoking house band, essentially the Compass Point All Stars. Led by dub reggae's rhythm kings Sly and Robbie, they are the masters of establishing heady dub grooves. This is the band you heard on those Grace Jones tracks from the early '80s, and this is the band who backed up Black Uhuru on their first 3 or 4 albums. Then take it one step further by bringing in Bob Marley's backing vocalists, the I-Threes (featuring Bob's wife Rita), on harmony vocals. Lyrically Serge is in top scandalous form, and the grooves really sweeten it all. The remaster includes a second disc which collects dub, DJ & singer versions of every tune. It is top talent working at the top of their game, and it is smoking good. I particularly enjoy the dub versions, where studio trickery and effects are put to good use. Today I share all of the versions of Lola Rastaquouere, Serge's ode to sex with a mysterious, underage girl. Despite the dodgy subject matter, the tune is an unforgettable reggae groove, good in all of it's forms. Enjoy...
Lola Rastaquouere
Dub Rastaquouere
Lola Rastaquouere Is Back (featuring Lisa Dainjah)
Lola Rastaquouere (Version Anglaise) featuring Bruno Blum

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