Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Die Mensch-Maschine

Yesterday was the first big new release day of 2007. My personal list went thusly;

1. The Shins' Wincing The Night Away - check.
2. Clinic's Visitation - next time...
3. Echo & The Bunnymen's Songs To Learn And Sing expanded edition - check!
4. Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna... - Check.
5. David Vandervelde's The Moonstation House Band - check.
6. 8-Bit Operators - The Music Of Kraftwerk compilation - check.

There were a few other bits and bobs that got missed out or skipped over, but all in all a good shopping day. Which leads to today's tunes...

8-Bit Operators is a compilation of the music of Kraftwerk performed on vintage 8-bit video games systems. It is the perfect synthesis of old school video games sounds and the classic old school grooves of the German electro pioneers. I am a huge Kraftwerk fan. I was never much of a video gamer, but I recognize the blips, bleeps and bloops. There are a couple of versions here that aren't so great, but I will say I am enjoying most of this compilation. Here are a few of my faves...
Glomag - Pocket Calculator
8-Bit Weapon - Spacelab
Bubblyfish - It's More Fun To Compute

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