Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Shoegazing In '06

Asobi Seksu means playful sex in Japanese. It is also the name of a hipster band from NYC. They are fronted by Japanese singer Yuki, who sings in both English and Japanese as well as playing keyboards. The music they whip up is pure shoegazer rock. Yes, you can draw comparisons to the classic bands of the genre - the raging squall of My Bloody Valentine, the poppier side of Lush - but these guys have developed a nice style of their own. Their second album Citrus dropped back in May, and I really like it. It balances pretty melodies with raging guitars and feedback, and Yuki has a lovely voice that soars over everything. The packaging is very psychedelic - a bright orange clear jewel case, swirling fonts and lots of loud color make it a real looker. It's good stuff inside and out...
Strings (Glass Factory Remix)

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