Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Dividing Island

Imagine a psychedelic rock band from the late '60s - acid rock guitars clash with dreamy harmonies that are all wrapped up in trippy soundscapes. They are recording an album with Phil Spector, looking for the wall of sound. Imagine that a rift in the space time continuum opens up and sucks them all into it. They zap ahead to 1980. They are spit up into the studio of Martin Hannett, where they begin to record again. Phil and Martin do not get along and sparks fly causing the time rift to re-open. This time it sucks up just the band (with a quick stop at Sarm Studios to pick up Trevor Horn) and spits them out in Florida in the year 2000. They get sage words of production (and packaging) advice from Trevor but FL is just too hot and sunny for the bespectacled producer and he flees back to England. They are fried by all the time travel, so they take a break from music and turn to art for a while. They issue their manifesto;

Lansing-Dreiden is a multi-media company founded in Miami, FL and is currently based in New York. Its output includes artwork in the form of drawings, collages, sculpture and video, as well as the production of music recordings and Death Notice, a free newspaper containing fictional stories and images. All Lansing-Dreiden projects are fragmentary, mere stones in a path whose end lies in a space where the very definition of "path" paths.

The band finally release their first album in 2003, The Incomplete Triangle. It is re-released in 2004. My very first blogspot post features a song from it. The band release a new album, The Dividing Island on May 9th,2006. It is full of all of the influences of the years - sunny harmonies, garage rock guitars, the ZTT art (of) noises, and '80s synthpop all collide into one memorable package that is presented in memorable packaging. Wow. You never know what is coming next...

A Line You Can Cross
Part Of The Promise

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