Wednesday, June 23, 2004

!!!'s (say Chik Chik Chik) Shit Schiesse Merde Part 2 is a killer dubby groove that builds slowly towards a big guitar riff driven break - these guys are masters of building up to the break. Lots of clicky percussion, keyboard blips and a fat bass line all add up to mid tempo rump shaker.

Minneapols' The Soviettes' bring the power-pop-punk flava with Channel X - a great little tune with post punk-y riffing, and cool girl-boy-girl vocal dynamics - the way the guy sings on here reminds me a bit of Bloc Party's shouty vocals. Short and sweet.

Lansing-Dreiden are some crazy Floridian art rock collective or something. Glass Corridor starts out driven by a cool bass riff and chiming guitars and then all of a sudden its synth-pop - pure '80s key and drum sounds until a My Bloody Valentine riff ushers back the guitars. The vocals are a chorus of sunny harmonies. These guys have a kind of timeless quality to them - much like I feel about Clinic, they sound fresh and exciting yet familiar at the same time. Their LP is all over the place - synthpop like New Order, metal riffs like Iron Maiden - and is very good.

10CC's I'm Not In Love reached #2 on the charts in the summer of 1975. I remember hearing this tune as an eleven year old and being fascinated by it - it's "electronica" about 20 years before the term was invented. Lush and dreamy, with voices floating around the speakers like clouds, I imagine that this is the kind of thing Air were aspiring to create when they were writing Moon Safari. I love this song, and you should too.

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