Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Random / Boss Hog

Today has been a Boss Hog kind of day.
Boss Hog - Itchy & Scratchy
Produced by Andy Gill

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the saucer people said...

Back in 1990 I had pretty much left the "band" circuit and here in the UK my life was filled with free outdoor parties, cold warehouses, lashings of MDMA and the sound of being trapped in an elevator with Funkadelic & Kraftwerk to paraphrase Derrick May and yet one label kept me tied to the scene I had almost jettisoned and that was Amphetemine Reptile and in particular the "Cold Hands" LP and to be even more in particular, the cover featuring Cristina Martinez, still the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.
So for about a year I went to see bands like Breeders, Boss Hog, Mudhoney & Nirvana (back when they were unknown and supporting Mudhoney at the Leeds Duchess of York venue) dressed in my "ethnic ravers" attire and my ears tuned by ecstasy...I remember my friends who had yet to be turned onto the acid-house matrix and Dr. Shulgin's medicine cabinet would look on in shock as I would start dancing to the first support band and not stop until the lights went up, I guess at the time they must have thought I was having a youthful wave of enthusiasm.
I gave up going to gigs altogether and spent my weekends throwing free parties at the moment Nirvana broke in the UK, somehow it wasn't as special now that every other teenager was dying their hair blond, sprouting pseudo-dreads and having the audacity to tell me about this label called "Sub-Pop" lol..ahh to be young and elitist.

Anyway, your Boss Hog post made me download the "Cold Hands" album and some Pussy Galore (my vinyl having long gone up my arm, but thats another story). I cannot have have listened to them for nearly twenty years and my gods do they sound good! (as does the cover still!).
So thanks for the trip down the sonic memory lane!