Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nylon Woman

Holestar - NyLon Woman (Phileastend Mix)
She is London's favorite tranny with a fanny. She is Holestar, the gender-bending Drag Goddess - a woman dressing up as a man, dressing as a gorgeous woman - a Victor/Victoria for the oughties. A queer woman and a a former soldier in the British Army, Holestar is also a Central St Martins Fine Art Masters graduate, club promoter, DJ and cabaret artist. And her last name really is Hole. The best thing about it all for me is that she pegged my fellow blogger (Worrapolava) and web friend PhilEastend to help her birth her new single "NyLon Woman" (out worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and Napster on April 12th). He provides Holestar with a delightful electro pop backing track and a now a remix to boot. He writes on his blog "And do you know what's brilliant about all of this? We're doing it all with no money, no third party backing and no risk. All we have are ideas and the willing to make something out of nothing." Super fun idea, super fun execution - the new wave of internet based grassroots music promotion. Holestar loves you, love her back...

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