Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deny All

Bettie Serveert - Deny All

Dutch indie rockers Bettie Serveert have been a SIART fave since they first appeared on the scene with Palomine in 1992. I fell in love with the sultry tone of singer Carol van Dyk and her band's brand of rock, tough as nails one moment and soft and vulnerable the next. Over the years they've honed their style, trying a few new things along the way. On March 23rd their new album Pharmacy of Love hits US stores via Second Motion Records. The band has decided to get back to the basics and Pharmacy of Love captures the kind of raw, contagious energy that has long characterized Bettie Serveert's live shows, a collection of songs that are by turns raucous, shimmering & shiver-inducing as they examine the vagaries of life and love. Deny All is the first single (from their new iTunes ep) and is blisteringly good!


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