Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Song Of The Day

I'm a big fan of Jill Scott. Her honey tone is sweet and soulful, and she specializes in quiet storm moments. I didn't realize she was an actor too. A few weeks ago HBO premiered a new show called The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency - it's actually a BBC/HBO production and has already aired in the UK. It stars Jill as Precious Ramotswe, a Botswanan woman who leaves her abusive husband and sets up a detective agency. It has been a highly entertaining show so far, and is quite different from HBO's usual fare in that it is kinder, gentler and a bit more family oriented. There is a sweetness to her character, lots of interesting co-stars and a real reverence for Africa. I have really been enjoying it, and it has had me digging out my Jill Scott records. This track is a remix featuring Mos Def, taken from an old Mixmag comp. Like it says, it is all about the head nodding goodness...
Jill Scott featuring Mos Def - Love Rain (Head Nod Remix)

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The Drumless Drum said...

Agree, Jill is - in my humble opinion - an underrated artist.

Nice selection of track - a bit of a lost classic!