Monday, April 20, 2009

Chico Fellini

The sharply monikered Chico Fellini are an up and coming Lexington, KY based band who have just released their self titled debut album. They are indie rockers with more than a hint of glam. Actually, the glam comes largely from singer Chris Dennison, a man with some serious vocal range and a classic rocker falsetto. You will hear Bowie for sure, and a bit of Freddie Mercury. I swear when he hits those high notes that I'm reminded of Russell Thompkins, Jr., the singer from '70s soul legends The Stylistics. Musically they are a mash up of sleazy glam rockers Louis XIV (see Hot) and Brit pomp rockers Muse, with a hefty helping of the s kind of post-punk dance grooves Franz Ferdinand excel at. The swampy vibe of Electrolyte is very PJ Harvey-esque. The music is sharp and shiny, with guitarist Duane Lundy handling production. Bassist Emily Hagihara provides vocal harmonies and hefty bass lines in tandem with drummer Brandon Judd's tight beats. The album is concise, it's 9 tracks just over 30 minutes long, and it is well paced with a couple of mellow moments in between the glam melodrama. I dig it. You can find it on iTunes and Amazon and it looks like the band will have it at the shop on their web site soon.
Chico Fellini - Despite The Mix Up
Chico Fellini - Electrolyte

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