Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New Music Tuesday

Junior Boys - Hazel
Canadian duo Junior Boys release their 3rd album Begone Dull Care today. I'm a big fan of their lush, melancholic electro pop songs. They channel the best of the '80s into their sleek, romantic synth pop. Their debut Last Exit was a blog and critics fave, as was it's follow up So This is Goodbye. Each record has seen them grow from their more abstract beginnings into a full on pop act. Their latest looks to continue that tradition, being their most poptastic record to date. It was inspired by Scottish-Canadian animator and electronic composer Norman McLaren's short film Begone Dull Care. He specialized in direct film animation, which is to physically manipulate or paint on the actual frames of the film. Junior Boys employ a similarly meticulous approach to programming and sequencing their music, and an album title was born. The first single is Hazel, and it will be getting a full release later in the spring with 3 remixes by Ewan Pearson. It is a sweet slice of tight '80s flavored electro with more than a hint of romantic yearning. It will be interesting to see how critics react to the more straight forward approach of this album - I like it. The band are currently on tour in the US with label mate Max Tundra. If you buy the digital version on iTunes you get a bonus exclusive Prins Thomas remix of "Work".


I 8tracked up a great mix of finely aged tunes from the baggydelic/rave era of the late '80s. Its a dozen of my faves - I'm not giving any names or tracklists here. Listen, love and tell which of your faves I forgot to include...

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