Friday, April 21, 2006

Funky Friday A Capriccio

Back in 1995 when they released their seminal G-Stoned EP Kruder & Dorfmeister seemed destined for downtempo greatness. The duo crafted slick tracks that featured impeccable beats and grooves. They became the hottest remixers around - everybody got the K&D treatment, from Depeche Mode to Bomb The Bass to Madonna. They had side projects - Peace Orchestra, Dr. Richard, Voom Voom and Tosca to name a few, all pushing music of the same ilk - silky smooth grooves. Unfortunately it has meant that K&D have never put out a full length album of their own - they've put out maybe six or seven tracks total! Of all the side stuff I have enjoyed Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber's Tosca project the most. They have been the most prolific too, with several LPs and remix collections available. The latest is Souvenirs, a set of remixes of tracks from their j.a.c. LP from May of last year. It is a typically groovy set of tunes, all dubby bliss and sun kissed vibes, and features remixes by Burnt Friedman, Señor Coconut, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, Stereotyp and Madrid de los Austrias. DJ DSL pimps out Rondo Acapricio (DSL Mix) with a low rider beat, some tasty bass and guitar riffing, snippets of radio DJ speak and organ stabs. Very smooth. Forte (Urbs Mix) is your spy theme for the day. It features wah wah, a tight breakbeat, and a long and space-y buildup to about the 3 minute mark when everything explodes into a string filled car chase around the streets of Rome - at least that is what I see in my head when I hear it! Good stuff from a largely played out genre.

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