Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Another Window Of The World

Yesterday I posted the lovely Pretenders cover version of Windows Of The World. A lesser known Burt Bacharach and Hal David tune, it is probably best known for Dionne Warwick's rendition. It's been covered by a few different people - Stan Getz, Ronald Isley and Scott Walker have all done it. The version I prefer is the one I heard first, when I was but 3 years old. Taken from the 1968 LP Herb Alpert Presents Pete Jolly, it is a gorgeous instrumental that shows off Pete Jolly's understated, minimal (as opposed to flashy) approach to piano. It's got some nice strings, a mellow jazzy beat and the lush melodics gets me every time. It's a tasty little slice of '60s jazz pop and a pretty different take from the version I posted yesterday!
Pete Jolly - Windows Of The World

Random Bonus Track

Got a few Lady Sovereign tracks in my email inbox yesterday. I am not altogether sure how I feel about Lady Sov yet. I like M.I.A. - an obvious point of reference - but I still haven't really succombed to the whole UK grime thing. Anyway, I did get a kick out the music on this Rucker and Sindens remix of Random. It's a glitched out remix with cool bleep-y noises and a nice bit of drum programming. You can get her Vertically Challenged EP on Chocolate Industries. "cha-ching, cha-ching".

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