Thursday, December 29, 2005

Say Hello To My Little Remix

Back in March Beck released Guero, an album pitched somewhere between the party vibes of Odelay and the more adult themes of Sea Change. Reviews were mixed but I found myself liking it quite a bit. A couple weeks ago a remix album appeared, entitled Guerolito. Remixes are done by a broad palette of electro-stylists - Air, Adrock from the Beasties, 8Bit, Diplo and Subtle are just a few. Air bring their laid back vibe to Missing, retitled Heaven Hammer, and Diplo lifts a big chunk of The Beat's Twist & Crawl to use a backdrop for his remix of Go It Alone, retitled Wish Coin. Both are great versions. As a fan of the remix, I'm very happy with this set - some of these could even be seen as an improvement on the originals, which is so often not the case with remix albums. Ghost Range (E-Pro Remix By Homelife) is all over the place - there's twangy banjo plucking over jazzy vibraphone fighting the fuzzed out bass with swoony orchestral strings, and then fiddles come in and it's like a hoedown in the barn, except with some hip hop beats. Scarecrow (Remix By El P) is one I think is better in remixed form - El P brings his dark crunk to the song, with big clattery beats, key stabs and lots of fuzzed out guitars. Much head nodding goodness.

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