Wednesday, December 21, 2005


It only took 12 years but it finally happened - Kate Bush released a new album last month, a 2CD set called Aerial. I have always had a bit of a "hit and miss" thing with prog queen Kate, loving some things and not feeling others. Reviews of Aerial have been pretty positive, and the bloggers seem to like it too, so last weekend I took the plunge. It's only been played a couple of times this week, and that is nowhere near enough time to have an accurate review/opinion. That having been said, right away I knew I would like it. One of the first songs to "jump out at me" (does a Kate Bush record ever really "jump"?) is from disc one (subtitled A Sea Of Honey), and is called π (Pi). Yes, infinity has been transformed into a gently undulating pop song, full of burbling beats, a snaky bass line, blippy keys, gently strummed acoustic guitars and Kate actually sings the string of numbers. I get a real kick out of that leftfield approach, and here it's couched in such a beautiful piece of music that it transcends it's artiness. I look forward to getting to know the rest of this record.

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