Tuesday, December 20, 2005


About a month ago I was in the car pulling into the driveway when a song started to play on the radio. I sit through the whole thing. It starts with a gigantically thick and chunky bass riff over pounding drums, playing an almost "Peter Gunn" like spy theme. Then some furious guitar kicks in. I'm thinking "is this the new Fever track? Or maybe the Moving Units?" Then the singer starts. It's clear that it's Julian Casablancas - this must be the new Strokes single. It is - there's no mistaking their style. It rocks. It's produced by David Kahne, and it sounds harder and meaner than they ever have. I like it. I buy the CD single this week. I like the b-side too - it's a tune called Hawaii. The single also contains the video for Juicebox but I haven't watched it yet. Anyway, here is your daily recommended dose of music to rock out to - enjoy The Strokes' Juicebox, a taster from their new album out the first week in January.

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