Friday, December 02, 2005

Funky Friday - It's Like That

Run DMC's first four albums got the expanded remastered treatment back in September. Anybody who knows will tell you how influential they were for their genre. They brought hip hop to the masses, pioneered the mixing of product placement (My Adidas) and style, and kick started a whole new kind of music - the rap rock hybrid. Each disc features extra tracks - remixes, demos, live stuff and radio spots, much of it previoulsy unreleased. It's rap in it's most primitive form - beats and MC's. That changes over the years, but the basic blueprint always remained. Fresh rhymes, dope beats and lots of good memories. Enjoy three selections, including a demo version of a Beastie Boys tune. And no Walk This Way, although the demo version of it is a fascinating look at the early stages of the song, and features some great guitar riffing by Joe Perry. Put on your shelltoes and Kangols and take a ride down memory lane...

It's Like That

Slow And Low (Demo)

It's Tricky

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