Monday, October 31, 2005

We Have Sound

Tom Vek's excellent debut LP We Have Sound got it's US release last week - it was originally released on Tim Love Lee's hip, indie dance label Tummy Touch in April in the UK. He wrote and played everything on it, and it is a very cool slab of lo-fi, indie rock-meets-new wave-meets-bluesy stompers mixed with a little bit of everyting else. It pretty much defies categorisation. It's really good. I like his voice, I really like his guitar that riffs all over the place, and the elements of '80s pop - the beats, the funky popping bass parts - that he adds make it even more appealing to me. If You Want features the afore mentioned popping bass, tight beats and ghostly synth washes - it reminds me of a scruffier Colder, you know - machine funk with a human touch. If I Had Changed My Mind is the opposite end of Tom's sonic spectrum. It's a bluesy riff rocker with Iggy Pop-like vocals and lots of crusty, fuzzy distorted guitars. Great stuff that I highly recommend - if you like these tunes do the man a favor and buy the CD, out now on Startime International Records.

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