Thursday, October 27, 2005

Psych-Pop Week Day 4 - World Party

Competing for airtime with XTC's Skylarking in 1986 was Karl Wallinger's one man bad World Party, who released their debut album Private Revolution that same year. Fresh from his stint as a band member of celtic rockers The Waterboys, his album exploded with ideas and creativity and experiments that his old band would never have allowed him. It ranged from Dylan-esque folk rockers (including a cover of the man's All I Really Want To Do) to Beatlesque pop to Prince-ly funk jams, all mixed up with a dash of psychedelics. There was a great big hit single, Ship Of Fools. It was one of the most played records on my stereo that year. I loved it's genre mashing, it's "peace, love and harmony" lyrical vibe. It shares that same pastoral, lush feeling as the XTC record, and is quirky in it's own way too. Most of all I loved the song All Come True. It's a lovely mid tempo rocker that rides a big, chunky double bass riff. Throw in some gentle piano, spaced out keys, some Edge-y guitar riffs, some tablas, and a bit of fiddle and I'm drifting off. This tune isn't overtly psychedelic, but it has some very cool little embellishments, particularly the spaced out break in the middle with the historical names floating around in the mix. A lovely tune.

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