Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The Rakes. Great. Just what we need. Another post-punk-pop band of British heritage. Four wiry guys making angular, wiry rock. Well actually, as it turns out, yes, we do need more. Their debut Retreat EP got it's US release last week on hip indie label Dim Mak - the band's album Capture/Release is already out in Europe. Produced by the audio guru of the scene Paul Epworth (Futureheads, Maximo Park, Bloc Party - he's AKA Phones, remixer du jour), the EP is a corker. Retreat is brilliantly catchy stuff with great lyrics detailing a life of continual over indulgence - go out, get pissed, do something stupid, go home and crash, wake up and start all over again. Something we can all relate to to a certain degree. An excellent nugget of sharp, shouty, handclappy goodness. Also very cool is Epworth's remix of it, Retreat (Phones Remix). He applies his magic touch and a rockin' disco anthem is born.

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