Thursday, October 13, 2005

Todd Zilla

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Grandaddy have a new EP out called Excerpts From The Diary Of Todd Zilla. Singer-songwriter Jason Lytle saw the name on a vanity license plate and an EP was born. Playing everything but the drums, he's crafted a set of lo-fi tracks that are pretty typical Granddady fare - dreamy, wistful odes that leave you with a sense of alienation and melancholy, and a couple of rockers that do the same. There's something about this band that moves me, with it's Neil Young-y country rock music filtered through robotic machines and vintage synths and it's lyrics that can go from inane to sublime in a sentence. Even though this is just a stop gap release until the next full length album I find much to enjoy. Florida is a raging rocker, louder and harder than you're used to hearing from these guys. The best tune on it is Pull The Curtains, which kicks off the record. It starts with a mellow acoustic strum and then it bursts into a new wave rocker, all chunky guitar riffs and buzzing synths straight off of a Cars album. It also features one helluva great syndrum roll that punctuates the song every so often. Sweet.

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