Monday, April 11, 2005

Lost Classic Of The Early '80s

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I don't have a lot of time today so it's a short post. A softly ticking beat, some gorgeous, chiming guitar riffs and moodily pretentious melancholic vocals all make The Passions' I'm In Love With A German Film Star one of those songs that should have been huge - number one for weeks. Of course it wasn't - fickle record buying public. The song still sounds great to my ears all these 20 some years later. A beauty of a tune that puts me in a trance every time I hear it.


Anonymous said...

I remember this as one of my faves listening to college radio in the early 80's. Hopefully it had a long run at number one in some alternative universe!

Anonymous said...

I hear this this track quite often on alternative dutch radio. I like this track because of the good flow. It mixes well with dub records.


mtim said...

This is beautiful. Wow. What a gem...stuff like this and the Leisure Process track you posted before just send me.

I think I mentioned it before but Id like to recommend again a very obscure dance mix by the Members called "Radio" produced by Martin Rushent that is well worth your time.

GTTRBRKZ said...

Yeah, that Passions tune is a beauty. I remember even my mum was impressed by it! Anyone remember 'Drowning In Berlin' by the Mobiles?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, The Passions were really good.They did a week's residency at the Marquee when I was working there which led me to buy Michael & Miranda which is great. I'm In Love With a German Filmstar was a minor hit in the UK (a quick google reveals it reached #25); I'm pretty sure they were even on Top of the Pops! Thanks for the Blog Michael; I think we're coming from more or less the same quadrant!


dave said...

wow that song is beautiful. Thank you!