Sunday, April 24, 2005

All Things Fixable

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Indie hip hopper Alias recently released a record called All Things Fixable on his own imprint, Goodwithmoney Recordings. It's a collection of tracks recorded between 2002 and 2004, all of them on CD for the first time. A stop-gap release until his next Anticon release later this year, it's a set of mostly instrumental tunes that combine finely chopped beats, washes of synth action and an occasional guitar. There are a couple of vocal tracks, one featuring rapper Sole and even a nice little folky guitar based jam. I love this guy's sound - that Boards Of Canada/BoomBip/Four Tet vibe - and enjoyed his recent remix of Lali Puna's track Alienation. While musically adventurous like those other acts, he always keeps his beats tight. The title track All Things Fixable is a pretty good indication of what's on offer - spacy keys, a fat beat, a lovely melody and a little bit of glitch. A nice record to keep your head nodding.


Christian said...

I just discovered the world of mp3 blogs and i love this shit! the song is nice, especially after 2:20 when that new "melody" comes in. that sound is nice too, with those noisy elements that actually sounds comfortable..

Anonymous said...

good stuff - enjoy your site