Tuesday, April 05, 2005

'64 - '95

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After about a month of listening to it I've started to come around on the new Lemon Jelly album '64 - '95. It's their typically quirky style of lush electronica, though this time around they've decided to make some of it actually rock. As a result you get a tune that's built around an old Kyuss sample, or '79 AKA The Shouty Track which is built around a big chunk of the tune Horror Show by early '80s Scottish post-punkers The Scars. The result is a lurching, rumbling track which sounds like it could soundtrack a horror show. Even tho' I like the rock experimentation, it's always been the breezy, chill tunes that I've liked best on previous records. '95 Make Things Right definitely fits that bill with it's dreamy easy listening vocals and midtempo funky vibe - nice and lush.

New Music From Tosca
For some more dubby downtempo go HERE to stream the new Tosca album J.A.C. which comes out next month. Very nice!

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