Saturday, January 22, 2005

Return Of The Monkey Man

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Ian Brown's latest album Solarized is finally getting a US release sometime in February. I was (and still am) a big fan of the Stone Roses, and I have enjoyed all of Ian's solo albums. The latest is nothing shockingly new - it's a further refinement of where he's been. The songs are a nice blend of rock and electonic instrumentation, so you get funky beats and bass lines with rocking guitars. He's still singing about the mysteries of peace and love and astronomy, but then that's never going to change. I have to admit that despite all of the hippy-dippyness of it all I dig it. especially Time Is Everything. It's a fairly groovy little tune, but the key for me are the horns on it - a sweet, Spanish flavored riff that gets stuck in my brain every time I hear it. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads-up and thanks for the track. i've always been a stone roses fan too & look forward to the release of Solarized.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that last comment was from me.
- freckle stof -