Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bloc Party Versus Minotaur Shock

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Unless you've had your head up your butt for the last few months you've no doubt heard of Bloc Party. The blogosphere loves 'em, and it's a well deserved love. This young four piece from England flat out out-rocks most of their competition in the post-punk scene, with lots of sharp guitars and funky bass and singer Kelly Okereke's distinctive voice. Their debut LP Silent Alarm is getting a US release in February or March and they are doing a US tour in March (including March 30th at Minneapolis' First Avenue - woo-hoo!) to support it. This week saw the release of a great little two track single called Tulips on Dim Mak Records. It's a tune that's not on the album, and you get the original version and a remix, Tulips (Club Version). The remix is done by Minotaur Shock, best known for his very tuneful takes on the indie folk-tronic thing. He reconstructs the tune over a big beat, adds lots of cool swooshy sounds, and keeps the big guitars and vocals and bass intact. It's great of course. Buy the album when it comes and help make these boys stars! Also of note - check Kelly's vocal contribution on the track Believe from the new Chemical Brothers LP Push The Button.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Tulips" remix. Not quite as pretty as the original, but easier to work into a set.