Friday, January 07, 2005

A Crusty Synth Action Mix

My mate Tony is a music geek much like myself. One of his musical obsessions is soundtracks - old school, synth-y sci-fi, horror and swanky spy music. Another of his musical obsessions is electronica of the crunk, leftfield variety. He has put together a fun, 38 minute mix that combines the two - from crusty '70s classics to a few more recent tracks from the electronic underground, and even a snippet of Van Halen! It's a nice listen, so I've decided to post it for you all to enjoy. Here's the tracklisting...

1. Van Halen - 1984
2. Jonny Trunk - The Horn
3. Amon Tobin - Deo
4. King of Woolworths - Music For Schools
5. Christian Bruhn - Die Schwarze Nelke
6. Vangelis - Alpha
7. Wendy Carlos - The Light Cycles
8. Goblin - Profundo Rosso (Main Theme)
9. Christian Bruhn - Wetten, Dass...?
10.Hexstatic - Pulse
11.John Carpenter - Escape From New York

Tony's Crusty Synth Action Soundtrack Megamix


Phil said...

oh yes, very pleasant indeed. the deep red s/t was always a favourite as was efny. thanks.

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Bit of a music geek meself....
really good to see Goblin being used in something.
Good stuff.