Friday, January 21, 2005

Funky Friday - The O'Jays

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When I was a lad in the '70s, my folks had a copy of the classic O'Jays album Back Stabbers. I loved it's combination of catchy songs and funky grooves. I recently decided I had to own a copy of it again so I picked up the remastered reissue that came out back in '96. It's as good as I remember. The songs balance love, politics, social commentary and those seriously big Philly soul orchestrations perfectly, all played to perfection by house band MFSB. When The World's At Peace kicks the LP off in great fashion, a strident, funky call for peace in the world, recorded in 1972 as the war in Vietnam continued. It's message still rings true today - it's just a different war. This track has it all - great lyrics, super harmonies, horns, and a big cowbell. Perfect. The rest of the LP is just as smokin' - well worth the investment!


Koolski said...

Excellent selection as always. I bought the remastered version of "Ship Ahoy" 6 weeks ago. Another killer O'Jays album.

Eric said...

As a 12 year old in 1972 I owned this record. Why can't they make them liek this anymore?