Monday, October 11, 2004

Classic 45's Week - Bomb The Bass

I was hanging out with my bro last night and got a chance to rummage through his box of old '80s 45's. He graciously allowed me to nab a few so that I could share them here. Every day this week I will be posting a single, both the A side and the B side (because sometimes the B side is just as interesting). Today's inaugural post comes from Tim Simenon's ace beat combo Bomb The Bass. Breaking out of the late '80s acid house scene with the Thunderbirds and funky drummer sampling Beat Dis, they created a slew of classic dance cuts, combining hip hop, breakbeats, electro, scratching and sampling with a rotating cast of guest vocalists. One of the biggest hits from their 1988 debut LP Into The Dragon was their fairly radical (for the time) reworking of the Bacharach classic Say A Little Prayer. It's essentially the blue print for trip hop before there was even such a term - breakbeats, spacy keys and a big diva voice provided by Maureen. The flip side of the record is 10 Seconds To Terminate - it's aimed squarely at the dancefloor. A pumping house-y beat, speak and spell voices counting and more than a little bit of one of Kraftwerk's finest riffs all add up to make this a pretty bangin' track.

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Jonathan said...

I've always loved the stuff that Tim puts out since i heard Beat Dis on the BBC many many years ago!