Monday, September 20, 2004

What I Listened To At Work Today

Last week I posted a bunch of Madchester era tracks. I've been listening to some other records from that era, and today at work I played The House Of Love's self titled album from 1990. Big, epic songs swirling with psychedelia, classic British rock influences (Beatles and the Stones) and a certain swagger made this record a big one for me. When I got home today I had to dig out my old 12" from 1988, Destroy The Heart. What a great tune - thick, swirling guitar riffs, a driving beat, and a couple of wickedly cool guitar spazz solos - a bit reminiscent of Ride. Two minutes and forty seconds of melodic bliss.

I also recently purchased Of Montreal's latest, Satanic Panic In The Attic. I had downloaded a tune from one of my mp3 blog brethren, and it made a big impression. The album is full of whimsical, psychedelic pop rock with goofy lyrics and song titles - much tweeness abounds, as befits a band that used to be on Elephant Six, but it still makes for a very entertaining listen.
Vegan In Furs fits the bill on all of these counts. It starts off like a Talking Heads song from the late '80s and goes on to incorporate new wave, disco, and guitar riffs in a Boston stylee. Very infectious and lots of fun

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