Friday, September 03, 2004

Funky Friday - Jill Scott

Jill Scott's new LP Beautifully Human hit stores this week, and it's a stunner. She has a beautiful voice, and it's displayed over all manner of fresh grooves, from jazzy riffing to hip hop beats with stops at some classic Philly soul in between. Bedda At Home is one of the more hip hoppy tracks on the album, and it's a funky piano driven tune with a nice jazzy guitar lick. Lyrically it's her checking out the hot guys all around her and letting them know that she's got something better at home. It's nice to see that she's kept some of that sassiness from her first record. Great stuff.


caley said...

For some reason, I'd convinced myself that I hated Jill Scott, but I really like this. Thanks!

Michael said...

I think that she's actually the best soul diva around right now - her voice is fantastic, and the music is always up to par. I highly recommend the new LP - it's a full of amazing tunes.