Monday, September 13, 2004

Remastered Ant Music

Last week saw the reissue of the first 3 Adam & The Ants albums - Dirk Wears White Sox, Kings of The Wild Frontier and Prince Charming, all with bonus tracks. I picked up Dirk... this week and am giddy about it. It's a great album of art school post punk rock, without all of the emphasis on tribal rhythms and facepaint that was to come. Malcolm McLaren liked this band so much he stole them away from Adam so he could put them behind his latest protege Annabella, and thus was born Bow Wow Wow. Anyway, the record holds up very well, and the remastering is awesome - finally at a decent volume! One of the bonus tracks is the Chris Hughes mix of the classic single Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2), from the 1982 12" EP release. Hughes later became Adam's drummer, and this recording also features soon to be regular Ant guitarist Marco Pirroni. It's a more produced version that boosts the bass and drums, a sign of things to come. Great stuff, and I look forward to getting the next 2 over the coming weeks.

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Rob said...

man, i loved adam & the ants growing up. i'm glad they're getting them remastered.