Friday, September 24, 2004

Funky Friday Evening

Chicago indie hip hop label Chocolate Industries is behind one of the grooviest records of the year - McNeal & Niles' Thrust. They were Machelle McNeal on vocals and keys and the brothers Darryl (drums) and Wilbur (guitar/synth/perc) Niles. The album was orignally released in '79, and now it's out again, a lost r'n'b gem of that era. It's got elements of disco, funk, and even a bit of rock. It's fantastic stuff, and so on this "end of summer" evening I hope you enjoy Summertime - a mid tempo funk jam, it comes off like a scruffier Chic. It's got a nice bass and guitar riff thing going and some breezy lyrics, and the rest of the record is funktastic too. Well worth investigating.

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