Friday, June 09, 2006

Funky Friday Has The Moves

I have just purchased the new Herbert album Scales. I mean, like just 2 hours ago. I picked up the kids, came home and unloaded everyone into the house. I got the kids settled coloring at the dining table and popped the Herbert disc into the CD player. Track 1 - mmm, this is nice. Track 2 - well, this is even better! It's funky, it's got Herbert's glitchy sounds and a stomping beat, and there's boatloads of killer,cool horn riffs and quirky vocals. Track 3 has me at the stereo, cranking it up to a tolerably high level, shaking my groove thing around the living room. We're talking some seriously sublime disco here, with major string arrangements, more killer horns, and the lovely vocals of longtime co-conspirator Dani Siciliano. I stopped the disc and immediately set to work on this post. I'm sure the rest of the record is as good, but I knew that tracks 2 & 3 would hit the g(roove)-spot on this funky Friday. Listen to 'em back to back and tell me you aren't grinning and nodding your head along...

The Movers And The Shakers
Moving Like A Train

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