Monday, January 09, 2006

Cash Machine

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Hard-Fi are one of the UK indie scene's rising stars. Their debut LP CCTV came out last summer in Europe to mostly postive reviews. They have been lumped in with the new wave of post-punk bands - the Bloc Maximo Chiefs crowd. There is a bit of that but these guys add a hefty dose of dubby skank to their songs a la The Clash, and in a few places I even feel the spirit of those early '90s baggydelic bands so dear to my heart - I think it's the keyboards. Lyrically it's all about the lad's life, a sort of indie rock take on The Streets. Last month saw the band reissue one it's early singles, the Cash Machine EP, and it also got a US release. It's three tracks from the LP and a track that is not on the album called Sick Of It All, which is one of the band's dub-rocker moments. A nice, skanking riff builds into a loud, fast and shouty chorus. It's a nice mix - super catchy melody couched in grimy roughness. Since this EP got a domestic release I'm hoping that the album will be soon to follow...

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