Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Swank

A random sampling of what I've been listening to this fine Sunday - Ensemble Ambrosius is a Finnish ensemble which covers the music of Frank Zappa in a baroque stylee - oboe and harpsichord in full attack! Tosca are the duo of Rupert Huber & Richard Dorfmeister, and No Hassle is their 5th album, due out in April. It is less clubby and dubby sounding, a more ambient project combining submerged samples and live instrumentation. Their goal - "to achieve an hour where you feel hassle free." I think it worked... The Cinematic Orchestra have been making moody, jazzy cinematic music for several years now, and I am a big fan. Last year they recorded the score for a Disney nature documentary called The Crimson Wing - Mystery Of The Flamingos. The film makers were impressed by the band's last record Ma Fleur, and it's themes of birth and death - themes that are represented in the movie - and brought them on board. It is a good match.

Ensemble Ambrosius - Uncle Meat
The Zappa Album

Tosca - Springer
No Hassle

The Cinematic Orchestra - The Dance
Les Ailes Pourpres

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