Thursday, March 05, 2009

Song Of The Day

Today at work I listened to one of my all time favorite electronic music albums, Subliminal Sandwich by Meat Beat Manifesto. A double disc set released in 1996 - the heat of the "electronica" moment - it is big and sprawling. Dub bass lines and reggae toasting rub against gritty electro beats and nightmarish sonic sample mash ups. Big rumbling break beats clatter around post-apocalyptic soundscapes. Subject matter runs from man's fascination with nukes and science and chemistry to it's effects on him - Cancer. It is dark stuff, but oh so enjoyably presented. Buried in the small print at the back of the CD booklet is this simple instruction -

IMPORTANT - Play twice before listening.

I love that.

Meat Beat Manifesto - Future Worlds
Meat Beat Manifesto - United Nations (E.T.C.)

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La Vie En Persimmon said...

Great selections from an all time fav. Love his later mixes done with Dj Spooky as well. Thx for posting, it's making waking up to a foggy morning nice & easy.