Thursday, September 20, 2007

Loud Like Nature

Today I listened to Add N To (X)' 2002 album Loud Like Nature. A year after this came out the band split up. I miss them. Over the course of 5 albums they developed from cold, analogue synth porn fetishists into something deeper and warmer and more psychedelic. I love their use of electronics as rock instrument. Lots of electronic bands "rock", but these guys (OK, two guys and a girl) crafted shredding electro punk that hit me in a way that no one else did. I dug how they gradually morphed their style, and for me Loud Like Nature was their peak. When it came out I was amazed that it didn't generate more buzz/airplay/sales. The record is a dense, trippy soundscape that goes from Gary Glitter stomp to nightmarish soundtrack music. In between is sandwiched downtempo hippy grooves, screaming punk rock and experimental art pop. It is an engaging and challenging listen. I think its pretty catchy too. Here it is five years on from it's release and I'm still playing it. Here are three prime examples why...
Party Bag
Up The Punks
Large Number

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