Thursday, September 06, 2007

La Radiolina

Manu Chao is back with a new album called La Radiolina. The former leader of Mano Negra ("the French Clash") has taken six years to follow up 2001's Próxima Estación... Esperanza. That album was stylistically similar to its predecessor Clandestino, a nomadic anarchist's journey through Latin, dub, reggae, rock and folk music, all mixed up with Manu's political messages about the state of the world. Neither of the albums rocked in tradition of classic Mano Negra. La Radiolina takes that into account, and is a welcome return to a more rocktacular Manu. Lyrically he is still political, ranting against Bush and being a humble spokesman for the impoverished of the world. Several musical motifs reappear throughout the album, and his vocals remain impassioned and worldly. Minimalist rockers, blues jams and folk songs are given a sonic makeover as all kinds of noises burst out of the background. It is a heady, urgent call to action on a gobal scale. The first three songs on the record are a great indicator of what your getting into, so listen up and then go and get a copy of this for yourself. You won't regret it.
Tristeza Maleza
Politik Kills

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