Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Favorite New Record This Week

It has only taken him 25 years, but Mitch Easter has finally released a solo album. Dynamico is the first new music from Mitch since his '80s band Let's Active split up in 1989 - eighteen years ago. And I have been waiting for this album all of those 18 years. Mitch is best known as a producer. He helmed the boards for early records by REM, and went on to work with Chris Stamey and Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement and Velvet Crush and any other number of lesser known indie power pop acts. I love him best for Let's Active. The music was inspired by the '60s, with plenty of Beatles and Byrds, but was definitely of the '80s too. I spent many a moment with their 1986 album Big Plans For Everybody, in awe of its clean, crisp psychedelic jangle and its hooks for miles. Dynamico pretty much picks up where he left off all those years ago. This is power pop of the highest quality, with Mitch playing everything on the album. His guitar playing is superb, with great solos scattered everywhere. His wife Shalini Chatterjee sings on five songs, and her harmonies definitely remind me of Faye Hunter and Angie Carlson's vocals from the old Let's Active records. A great return from one of rock music's most underrated talents, and destined to make my best-of-year list for sure.

Break Through
I Want A New Scene

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