Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Handful Of Covers

I have been somewhat sceptical of Mark Ronson in the past. I'm not sure why, but there you go. He has changed my opinion of him over the last year with his production work on Lily Allen's debut (great!) and his production work on Amy Winehouse's Back To Black (greater!). Next week brings the UK release (I couldn't confirm a US date) of his second LP Version. It is a set of covers, a few instrumentals, lots of horns and some notable guest vocalists. After spending a couple of days with this I have to say I like it. It is funky, warm and fun. You might argue with some of the song choices but overall it makes for a very entertaining listen. You might also be surprised at how well some of these tunes transition to this old school funk style. Today I offer Amy Winehouse covering the Zutons and a punk-funk take on the Jam...

1. God Put A Smile On Your Face (Feat. Daptone Horns) (Coldplay)
2. Oh My God (Feat. Lily Allen) (Kaiser Chiefs)
3. Stop Me (Feat. Daniel Merriweather) (The Smiths)
4. Toxic (Feat. Tiggers) (Britney Spears)
5. Valerie (feat. Amy Winehouse) (The Zutons)
6. Apply Some Pressure (Feat. Paul Smith of Maxïmo Park ) (Maxïmo Park)
7. Inversion
8. Pretty Green (feat. Santo Gold) (The Jam)
9. Just (Feat. Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet) (Radiohead)
10. Amy (Feat. Kenna) (Ryan Adams)
11. The Only One I Know (Feat. Robbie Williams) (The Charlatans)
12. Diversion
13. L.S.F (Feat. Kasabian) (Kasabian)
14. Outversion

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