Friday, April 13, 2007

Funky Friday Playlist

Here is a random selection of funkiness, mostly influenced by what I listened to this week...

TTC - Une Bande De Mecs Sympa
36 15
French hip hoppers with mad flow and bumping electro beats.

Gus Gus - David
These guys are on the verge of following up this 2002 LP. Jockohomo recently posted a couple of new tracks that made me dig this out. I love this song. It's a sexy ("I still have last night in my body, I wish you were with me.") anthem.

Rose Royce - Car Wash
Car Wash soundtrack
Thank you Greg for sending me an mp3 of this disco classic - one of the great hand clapping songs of our time. A great tune.

Timbaland - Give It To Me (feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake)
Shock Value
From the so-so new album that has a few real gems on it. This track has the killer hook and the beats you need. The collabos with the rockers are a bit meh - overall I like about half of the album.

Alex Gopher - Tryin'
You My Baby & I
We are going on 8 years now since this came out and we still don't have a follow up. There is a promo from last year called Alex Gopher, but it hasn't been released to the general public yet as far as I know. Anyway, this album is sweet, a mix of experimental electronics, party tunes and downtempo. This is a nice bit of lush disco/house.

Trentmøller - Rykketid
Last Resort
This is a kickin' bit of electro/tech house, taken from the second disc of the limited edition 2CD version of this album. The second CD is a compilation of all of the vinyl singles Anders Trentmøller had released to the point of this album. I posted some of this a while back...

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