Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Music Tuesday - Drums And Guns

Minnesota natives Low have a new album out today. The follow up to The Great Destroyer, it is called Drums And Guns. Like it's predecessor it is produced by Dave Fridmann. That record was startling to many because it positioned Low as a rockin' (as opposed to sleepy) trio. Those of you looking for more of the same should look elsewhere. This is Low back to their minimal selves, but in ways different from before. There are loops and drum machines and lots of studio tricks in the mix. I've been able to listen to it twice so far, and some of it is gooseflesh-y good. The vocal harmonies are as beautiful as ever, and the rhythms and bits of funky bass give the band a bit of groove. There are tracks that employ the more traditional Low sound, but it is the clicks and pops of the more experimental stuff that really grabbed my ear.
Always Fade

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