Friday, March 02, 2007

Funky Friday - Winter Storm Advisory

The view from the front

Winter has hit with a vengeance. After a bitterly cold February we've gone from 12 inches of snow over the last 4 months to nearly 30 inches of snow just this week. It actually all fell over three days. Those snow banks you see are waist high in some places. I can't remember the last time I had so much snow piled up in my yard. I feel like I have been shoveling for an eternity. Sure, it looks pretty, but damn I'm over winter now. My kids love it tho'...

The view out back

And now for the funky 4 + 2 to keep me (and hopefully you - if you need it) warm...

Wagon Christ - Throbbing Pouch
Throbbing Pouch
Splendidly monikered space funk from Luke Vibert circa 1995. And it still sounds as good as ever.

Foreign Islands - We Know You Know It (Filthy Dukes Society Remix)
Restart Now!
NYC dance-punks given the machine funk once over by the Filthy Dukes. Hard as hell with a lovely blippy breakdown at the end.

Up Bustle & Out - Dance Your Troubles Away (Trumpet Mix)
City Breakers - 18 Frames Per Second
I just scored a copy of the latest album by the one time Ninja Tune combo, and it is fantastic. Dub, dancehall, hip hop, a bit of house and Latin flavors combine for a serious soundclash. I was a big fan of these guys for a few years, but felt like they got stuck in a sonic rut. This has renewed my faith and interest.

Peter Björn And John - Young Folks (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation)
Writer's Block
I avoided all of the hype for a few months, but now I've succumbed. This album really is as good as everybody says. This remix takes the catchy hit single and gives it a shimmery, go-go beat makeover. Lovely and danceable.

DJ Vadim - Got To Rock (Feat. Zion)
DJ Vadim - Milwaukee
The Sound Catcher
From the forthcoming (April) album by another former Ninja Tune artist. I have had a copy of this for three or four days and can't stop playing it. Largely devoid of the scratchy, left field experimentalism of his early years, it sees Vadim covering a broad sonic palette. He incorporates mainstream and underground hip hop, reggae, disco, r'n'b and downtempo into his heady brew. Two thirds of the tracks feature vocals, both raps and singing. I am really feeling these two tracks; the first is a party anthem, the second is mooody abstract downtempo. I love it.

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