Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Poni Hoax

A few weeks ago I read a mini review of Poni Hoax's self titled debut. It was written by a guy who works at my local record store, and he and I have remarkably similar tastes. He raved about how full of musical ideas these guys were, and how you could feel their enthusiasm & energy. He also mentioned how he was already excited to hear it's follow up, to see where they went next. With that kind of enthusiasm I knew I had to hear it. I picked it up soon after, and can say with assurance that it is my favorite record right now. This French five piece traffics in all of the music I like - indie rock, post-punk, art rock and dance rock, embellished with all manner of electronics and a bit of that Franco dance flavor courtesy of producer Joakim. There is a whiff of Roxy Music, especially in the vocals of Nicolas Ker. There is a hint of Joy Division, a touch of Colder, a bit of krautrock on Budapest, and some lovely atmospherics. The album kicks off with the quirky new wave of She's On The Radio, where keys battle guitars and Nicolas croons and quivers. Fantastic. Cheerleader In My Dreams is moody mid tempo rock - a dreamy blend of Roxy Music and Interpol. Drunks And Painters On Parade is some vintage punk funk, with clattery disco beats and slashing guitars and lots of echo effects. I really like this record, and if you like what you hear here I encourage you to seek out the record for yourself!

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